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The 1892-94 Kinetograph camera created by Edison’s team and used in the Black Maria film studio to produce films for the peepshow Kinetoscope has been reproduced as a working replica, operated by crank handle and with a display motor.The camera used  a filmstrip 1-3/8th inch, or about 35mm wide running vertically through the camera. The celluloid strip, with four rectangular perforations each side of the frame was moved intermittently by a toothed sprocket wheel engaging with the perforations, giving reliable traction and precise registration of each frame. The original electrically driven camera was fitted with a rotating disc shutter, and a variable speed control. the Kinetograph camera was the world’s first commercially used motion picture camera. With only minor variations, the film format developed by Edison’s team is the same as that used in professional motion picture production today. This working replica Kinetograph was based on the unique surviving machine at the Henry Ford Museum, USA.


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