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jenkinsInventor Charles Francis Jenkins was a pioneer in both motion pictures and television. He first developed his ingenious Phantascope camera (which he didn’t pursue) in 1893, before teaming up with Thomas Armat to design a projector for Edison kinetoscope films.Jenkins and Armat fell out, and the value of each partner’s contributions to cinematography was long in dispute, but over many decades the importance of each has gradually been established. Many of Jenkins’ designs were given the name Phantascope; the replica represents his continuous-motion film camera with four lenses (the original of which is long lost) and has been successfully tested.Jenkins made several such cameras, each with a different number of lenses. The patent shows four, but practical examples known to be constructed involved from five to more than 20. Although these cameras were not used to provide films for the early public showings with the phantoscope projectors, Jenkins returned to the idea as late as the 1920s with the development of the chronoteine high-speed camera for motion analysis.


 Replica Camera Mechanism