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 Le Prince Single Lens Camera PageCamera devised by Louis Aime Augustin Le Prince (1841-1890?), who used it in October 1888 to take moving picture sequences on Eastman paper film at his father-in-law’s house at Roundhay, Leeds and of Leeds Bridge.The lower of the two lenses is the taking lens and the upper is the viewfinder. The lens assembly was moved for focusing, using the lever on the right.The camera body was made by Frederic Mason, a local joiner; the metal parts were cast at Le Prince’s father-in-law’s firm, Whitley Partners of Leeds, and fitted by Le Prince’s assistant, James W Longley. It was called the single- lens name to distinguish it from Le Prince’s 16-lens camera, which has 18 lenses, 2 of which are viewing lenses.


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Replica Le Prince mechanism & shutter “The First Film” Premiere